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Yet another checklist doesn't compensate for a lack of expertise

Manufacturing Companies

Products such as reactor vessels, transformers, turbines or complete production units are often too large and/or heavy to be shipped using standard transport concepts. In this case, we leverage our expertise in the lifting and transportation industry to find the best solution for transporting the product from your manufacturing facility to the construction site.

Simply inform us about the weights and dimensions of your cargo plus any specific requirements your client may have and we will take over from there. This eases the burden on your own planning or transport department and enables you to focus on your core business rather than this specialized area of logistics.

We conduct concept studies for the transport and lifting activities and can advise on your product design to take account of loading, lashing and lifting requirements. Based on this, we set up RFQs for heavy lift and transport contractors, organize clarification meetings and select the carrier offering the best price-performance ratio.

During execution, we act as your representative for all questions and issues regarding the transport and installation activities – by which time your own in-house team are probably already working on their next project.