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Yet another checklist doesn't compensate for a lack of expertise

EPC Contractors

Our lifting & transport studies are crucial for the decision-making process about a construction concept. A modular building concept is often favourable, but this can only be executed successfully if the route to the site is suitable for the transportation of large and heavy components. For this reason, we prefer to get involved in a project in the engineering phase or even in the front-end engineering design study phase.

Whether it is a petrochemical site, a power generation plant or an urban location, every construction site has its own challenges and limitations from a logistics point of view. Therefore, we always assess the site-specific requirements and take these into account in our proposal. Extensions to existing plants generally call for a totally different approach than new- build projects, and the challenges are even bigger when working within a live plant environment.

Since large and heavy components often require the use of even bigger and heavier transportation equipment, the load-bearing capacity of site access roads, bridges, pipe crossings and crane stands are crucial to the success of a transport concept.

After evaluating all of the above-mentioned factors, we propose the safest and most cost-effective solutions. We can also put our expertise to good use to set up RFQs for all heavy lift & transport activities and to coordinate the tender process. Besides that, we can manage the logistics activities during execution if you wish.