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Civil & Construction Contractors

At Ormel Engineering we conduct lifting & transport studies for civil structures such as bridges, steel structures and tunnel segments.

In most cases our focus is on the large components which need to be installed on a construction site. Our studies are used to decide between modular building concepts, building on site or building in place. We propose cost-effective solutions which guarantee project safety at all times. We also take account of stakeholder management, which is a particularly important aspect in urban construction projects.

The installation of large and heavy components often requires even heavier lifting and transportation equipment. Knowing the impact of the main load movements on site at an early stage prevents unpleasant surprises and minimizes failure costs during execution. Therefore, it is advisable to involve us in your project as early on as possible.

Once we have assessed the main logistics situation at the construction site, we can define the required framework conditions and incorporate them into the overall site planning. Based on that, we prepare the RFQs for all the necessary heavy lift & transport activities and manage the subsequent tender process. We can also coordinate and supervise the logistics activities during execution if desired.